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Friday, March 29, 2013

Preliminary Itinerary

I've heard that for a lot of people, the planning of a trip is almost as (or even more) enjoyable than actually taking the trip.  While, maybe that'd be the case for me if I actually had a lot of time to plan... but backpacking is a bit different than vacationing, for one, and two, I think the most "planning" I can do at this point is just try and create a basic route to follow.

Below is what I've come up with so far. 

Will it change?  Duh.  Not only is it super bare-bones at this point (I'll probably end up cutting through some small towns I've never know existed before), but I'm sure it also includes way too many spots for me to feasibly hit [though you should've seen my first first draft...].  And I've no idea whether I'll like a place so much I want to stay for a week, or hate a place and be on the first train out after not even a day.  Plus, I'm still crossing my fingers that I meet cool people to hang with- who'll no doubt influence my route as well. 
But are these the places my brain believes I can (and want to) make it to in ~9 weeks?  Yup.

(By the way, dates are totally approximate once I leave Israel.)

April 1-14

>Negev (Desert) Region
-Ein Gedi
-Dead Sea
-Mitzpe Ramon
>Petra (technically in Jordan- I've got to see if I've got the time/funds to visit a wonder of the ancient world for a few days)
>back north to say goodbye if I have time?

Europe: April 14-June 6

April 14-17?

-day trip to Mycenae?

April 17-May 4?

-be there on April 21st for its b-day celebration?
>Naples (yes Mom, I'm still planning on going.  I'll try to find a guy to travel with...)
-grotto azzurra
-trips to Pisa for the tower and Cinque Terre for the view

May 4-16?

>Prague?  It's the most interesting thing between the two German cities, so I may have to pop over to the Czech Republic for a bit.
>Frankfurt or Black Forest or Geneva (Switzerland) or Aosta Valley (Italy) <-- clearly having some issues making up my mind... I know I just need to go south from Cologne

May 16-June 3?

-Film Festival May 15-26 <-- wierdly enough, this event has become what I'm orienting my whole trip around... not sure why, but ever since I realized I could get there timing-wise, it's become non-negotiable.  It also help that Cannes is located on the beaches in the south of France.  AND that I can see some of the premieres for free.
[Slight topic deviation: I've developed a small goal of meeting an actor/producer/director/etc. who I can then entice into inviting me to a VIP-only movie premiere.  I'll make sure to update the blog should any progress with that occur....]
>Nice, Marseilles, other beach towns in southern France
[>Biarritz or Bordeaux or Normandy if I find myself with some spare time?]
>Paris (and Versailles)

June 3-6


So my Europe route is sort of zig-zagging its way up through Italy, looping around Germany (possibly detouring into the Czech Republic), and then cutting down across the south of France, up to Paris, and finally ending in Amsterdam.  Definitely a bit bizzare and not at all what I'd have thought I'd be doing even a few months ago.  But I always wanted to go through Italy... and I met a lot of Germans, so Germany had to be included.... then I learned about the Cannes Film Fest and had already bought my ticket out of Amsterdam, so there you have it.

And while I'm trying to sound all professional and rational about this thing, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  Yay!

xoxo, Cleome

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