A walkabout is a rite of passage- a person will go out into the wilderness to discover his or her identity and purpose, and then return home.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How I've Been Preparing (Part 1)

Though I don't leave for a while (through less than two months now!), I've already begun my preparations for venturing to Costa Rica.  Such measures include:

-Acquiring a base burn tan.
-Not screaming at every bug I see.  I've heard what we've got here are mini compared to what I'll find in Costa Rica.
-Reading books about traveling.

-Sleeping on a sheet-less mattress (admittedly due to laziness). <-- really annoys my mom, but I say it'll make sleeping in hostels seem like sleeping at home...
-Drowning all my food in hot sauce.  The best one by far is Cholula, by the way.
-Napping to test out which sleeping bag to bring.
I actually fell asleep.  Life gets exhausting.
-Practicing Spanish with any and everyone I come across.  Or at least attempting to.
-Listening to So Good by B.o.b.  He says "Senorita," so I consider it helpful for my language skills.

Now you know a little Spanish, too.

xoxo, Cleome

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