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Saturday, July 14, 2012

BOOKED (and Bought!)



Wow, that feels really good to say type.  I'm still having some trouble believing that what I've planned out for this upcoming school year is actually going to occur, but booking this flight has certainly made it seem all the more tangible.  And now it feels like the summer is going by way too fast- September will be here before we know it!

I'll be flying out in the middle of September.  My flight leaves from Minnesota really early in the morning- like, 5:30 am early.  After registering for a frequent flyer number (I need to remember to do that!), I'll climb on with my backpack (see below) and sit on a 2.5 hour flight to Atlanta, GA.  I've got less than an hour layover there, so hopefully nothing goes wrong and my first flight isn't delayed... that could make for a very unfortunate situation.  Then I jump onto the second flight to San Jose!  I should be arriving right around lunchtime, and from there the rest of the day is mine.  The next morning I do have to get myself to the volunteer office early, though, because the bi-weekly boat to the project's location (a relatively isolated beach on the northeastern coast of Costa Rica) leaves at 7 am.  I can't miss it.  Apparently two Australian volunteers will also be heading out with me- hopefully I step off the boat having gained a couple of new friends.  That's the dream, anyway.

And yeah, I also bought what will be my new best friend: a backpack!  The brand/style is the Deuter Act  Lite 45+10 SL (meaning it can carry up to 55L of volume).  I chose it because out of the five backpacks I tried on, it felt the best when stuffed with 20 pounds.  And it's made to conform to a women's shape.  And I can (hopefully) stow it as a carry-on.  Plus, it has an adjustable torso length, which is really helpful seeing as my torso length is apparently XS (thanks mom!) and not too many packs come in that size option.  Also, it's not appallingly expensive.
My baby for the next year!

I didn't choose that green color-scheme though.  "Pine/Moss" is only style they've got.

xoxo, Cleome

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