A walkabout is a rite of passage- a person will go out into the wilderness to discover his or her identity and purpose, and then return home.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Travel Playlist

It takes me forever to make mix cds.  

I generally try to stay away from doing so, because my process includes looking up about a bajillion new songs (yay for Rhapsody!), listening to them multiple times (trying to pare it down), and then making sure that the mix sounds relatively cohesive.  But this summer I've actually been quite productive in the churning-out-playlists department.  

New calling?  Perhaps.

But, do you know what's better than mix cds?  Online playlists that can have as many songs as you want!

Here's a "Walkabout Mix" I made that includes some classic travel songs, personal favorites, inspirational songs, popular rap artists, obscure indie tunes- you know, the basics of a good playlist.

Link [thanks Dad!]:http://www.rhapsody.com/members/rgv41/playlists/mp.163871970
You should listen to these songs, even if you're not going anywhere. 


xoxo, Cleome


  1. Hey! You know the only thing better than reading your playlist would be to be able to listen to your playlists!!! There must be a way for you to share a Rhapsody playlist with a link of something...

    Just saying...


  2. Try this...